Shahin’s very good, kind – and a good, intuitive listener. She’s helped me get control of life-long insomnia and helped minimize my arthritis pains.

With the insomnia, we tried a couple different remedies until finding one that helped significantly
but for the arthritis, one application of the first remedy we tried worked miracles – I felt much better the next day, and have been pain-free for several months!

Conni H.


Our daughter’s tic has disappeared! You have made us true believers in homeopathy and cannot wait to continue working with you! So many great things are going on with her. I do believe you are a missing piece to our puzzle. K.M.


We started seeing Shahin, when my daughter was about 20. We have worked on treating her apraxia with many alternative treatments over the years.

When we finally opted for homeopathy, I found Shahin. She is kind, and knowledgeable. Shahin puts my daughter at ease. Our daughter struggles with any change in her routine and has some anxiety about being in public. I will never forget that one day after her first remedy, she made changes easily. I was stunned.

Homeopathy just makes it easier for her to cope.  She has a job she loves, and is able to participate in many things. I never thought I would see the day she could be so fulfilled.

I have recommended Shahin to many people because she’s awesome. Totally worth a try!

Parent of an adult with ASD


Since childhood, I’ve suffered from migraines; these occurred three or four times a month, lasting 24 hours and included vomiting. For more than the past fifteen years, 16 to 20 days a month, I began to suffer chronic migraines. In the last five years, my migraines have been a daily event due to rebound effect from the migraine medicine Sumatriptan. For years, I was not informed that this medicine could cause rebound headaches, even though the doctors and hospital for my treatment are considered excellent. Besides Sumatriptan I have been given acupuncture, Topiramate, Botox, beta blockers, among other medicines. Nothing seemed to work. Then I began to work with Shahin Afnan. The homeopathic remedy she prepared worked even at the early stages, which has been a joy since nothing else has worked. Recently for 24 hours I experienced my first headache-free day in many years. In addition since taking the remedy, I have a sense of well-being and, as well, the amount of Sumatriptan I now use is less than two-thirds of my previous daily dosage. I am encouraged that finally I have the chance under Shahin’s care of further diminishing my migraine frequency and the amount of medication I take.
Hopeful at last at age 72, Jeanette M.


I started to see Shahin Afnan a few months ago. When I came to her I was depressed, over weight, suffering from rickets because of celiac disease, and tired all the time. I had been at my lowest for months and my regular doctor just wanted to put me on medicines instead of fixing what was wrong. I did not want to make the problem worse with more side effects. I was on a vitamin regime that was just not enough.

Shahin spent a lot of time getting to know my entire history. She is a compassionate, caring person. I found it easy to talk to her about things I had never told anyone. When I received the remedy I googled it to see how it worked. I was pleased that she had honed in on my problem and prescribed a remedy that would help heal me from the inside out.

We had to make adjustments to the remedy a couple times. I had some skin breakouts and sleep problems. But I understood that my body needed to push toxins out in order to heal. I stayed with the program and consulted Shahin via email. She answered me the same day and we worked through it all.

My energy level is good now and I am exercising regularly. Mentally I am clear and happier than I have been in years. I would highly recommend Shahin Afnan and a homeopathic approach to healing.  R.R.


I’ve been experiencing the most amazing surge of energy. The energy was very pronounced and included being with people socially every day for the last 3 weeks. This is not normal for me and in fact is very surprising all the more so because I enjoyed it all and was completely free of anxiety. I’ve been trying to trace the cause or source of the energy and even made a special appointment with the psychotherapist to discuss it. Could not think of anything I’ve been doing differently and yet I’m a much different person. Is it possible it is the effects of the homeopathic remedy???
Joy is another side effect I’m noticing.
J. Ohio.


Shahin has successfully treated me for two different conditions. I first sought Shahin’s help for chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism and a slew of other complaints. She listened to my symptoms, asked many questions and found me a remedy (constitutional) that made a profound difference right away. I have worked with other homeopathic practitioners over the years and have never found results before with the first remedy prescribed! It often took additional office visits/consultations to get to the right remedy.
The second time that Shahin treated me was right before I was leaving for vacation and had symptoms of a full blown sinus infection. Again, the first remedy that Shahin suggested was successful.
I have full confidence in Shahin’s ability to hone in on symptoms and to find the correct remedy. She uses her professional knowledge and expertise as well as her keen sense of intuition.
Amy H., Shaker Heights, Ohio


I was never comfortable taking both Allegra and Singulair for my allergies (my cat, grass, pollen, and dust mites) and my mild asthma (cat induced). So Shahin put me on a dose of Nux Vomica which worked wonders. Instead of ingesting pharmaceuticals on a daily basis I now take a drop of my remedy whenever I feel an itchy, sneezing fit coming on. You’ve got to be patient with homeopathic remedies though. As I weaned myself away from the drugs there were times when I had to go back to them temporarily, but I’ve only had to go back once or twice in the last 6 months. A cat lover, Cleveland Heights.

p.s from Shahin – the cat didn’t have to move out! 

I began consulting with Shahin Afnan when I wanted to stop taking HRT prescriptions. I sought out Shahin after hearing her speak about homeopathy. I had several symptoms associated with menopause that were bothering me. She did a thorough interview to decide what remedies would best help my symptoms. She is an excellent listener and an intuitive practitioner. I trust Shahin with my health issues. I continue to learn more about homeopathy each visit. If you are looking for alternative health options, Pure Life Homeopathy should be where you start the journey. Donna M


When my homeopath moved out of the city, I was distraught as I enjoy using homeopathy to support my holistic well-being. The moment I met Shahin, I knew I had found the right person to take over my care. She was kind, present, thorough, supportive and gave me and my son her fullest attention both in person and during phone consults. Although my case is complicated, she always does her very best to find out the key issue to address and guides me to sticking with the protocol to ensure the best results. I trust her completely not only for my own pain and depression issues but also with my 5 year old little boy. She is a gift to our community.

Deb B. RYT, Chronic Pain Specialist


Our 10 year-old child, who had been wetting the bed every single night of his life, was greatly helped with Shahin’s homeopathic treatment protocol. We hadn’t seen any results with previous alternative therapies. We saw immediate improvement with homeopathy, however. After 5 months of steady, remarkable improvement, my son now only wets the bed once a month. We are optimistic that he will be able to further improve. I am thankful to not have to do laundry so often. Much more importantly, my child is hopeful that he will overcome bed-wetting entirely. He has even been able to invite friends to sleep over this year. We are thankful for your help. I wish we had found you several years before we did. –Lisa


I was going through a challenging time and as a result, developed back pain. Then, days later, I started to have panic attacks. I went to Shahin. She gave me a remedy and within hours of taking it, the back pain disappeared and I haven’t had another panic attack since! I’m so grateful! Nancy S.


I can’t say enough good things about Shahin both as a person and a homeopath.  I’ve never gotten the same individualized, thoughtful attention from any other physician or health practitioner that I’ve seen. She truly seeks to know you on both a physical and mental level in order to maximize your treatment and really pinpoint the remedy that will be right for you.  I dealt with horrible digestive problems for years, seeing all sorts of specialists, having allergy tests done, going on crazy detoxes and nothing ever worked and the doctors I were seeing never had any any answers or solutions that they could give me.  After my first consultation with Shahin, talking with her for almost 2 hours about my medical history, stress levels, and lifestyle, she was able to diagnose me and suggest a remedy that has ultimately cured all of the digestive problems I had been suffering with for years, and I feel like I’m at a new level of health that I never thought I would achieve. She is truly amazing at what she does, and I cannot recommend her enough or thank her enough for all that she’s done for me.  Joanne


Thanks so much for your help. Our son is doing great, sleeping better and has beautiful skin again. We appreciate you and your help very much! M.L.


I am happy to report that on the morning after my first dose of the remedy, I awakened without a sore throat for the first time in about six months. It was like magic! Nothing was environmentally different, so I can contribute it all to your recommended treatment. C.B


I am always happy when I leave. Shahin is helping me. It’s hard to find a homeopath that is so dedicated. I don’t know what I’d do without her..P.H.


I feel I am getting support and solutions from our visits. That makes me hopeful and grateful.



I am so AMAZED at the turnaround with this remedy, I could cry. Rigidity, rage, and tantrums are almost non-existent. .. my daughter’s so pleasant to be around and so much more easy going. (mother of a child with ASD)

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