Kirsty wanted a friend

Kirsty was managing well academically at school but longed for a friend and to be accepted by her peer group. She had been diagnosed with pervasive developmental delay.

Kirsty’s parents were particularly concerned about her social development.  In particular her obsession with a girl in her class, she idealized her, wanting to be like her in every way and would not leave her alone. Kirsty did not understand how to relate appropriately. I decided on giving homeopathic phosphorus.  

Homeopathic Phosphorus is a very interesting remedy to use for autism. It covers the situation of a person in a society that they don’t know or understand. They can either withdraw or they can try to become integrated into this strange society. We can see both states in autism. In order to fit in, they have to become one of group, they have to learn to think, feel and act like others do in order to feel safe and secure. This can lead to social anxiety with a great yearning to fit in.

Homeopathic phosphorus improved her social interactions, enabled her to individuate from her peers and develop her own preferences. Kirsty and her family were delighted when she was invited to a birthday party!

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